Favorite YouTubers To Follow on Self-Improvement & Creativity

I have always been someone who loves to learn or advance myself to be in tune with my creativity as well as my self-improvement.

I believe there’s nothing better than gifting yourself in receiving the knowledge of educating yourself in what sparks your interests, passions, talents, and inspirations.

Many people ask me what do I do to keep myself motivated and creative in building content, photography, art, and so forth. I will honestly admit and say that I use YouTube influencers to encourage or inspire me with my daily living and my originality flow.

So without further ado, I’m going to share my favorite YouTubers that I follow that have helped me felt inspired and motivated and could probably do the same for you by the end of this article.


This YouTube channel is called Shine With Plants and it’s about a mom named Fabiola who shares her journey and love for a plant-based lifestyle.

Not only does she share these amazing recipes with different kinds of vegetables and fruits put together but she also shows her cute toddler enjoying the food and drinks as well. Fabiola creates smoothies, salads, vegan meals, natural juices, and even shares tips on how to store vegetables in the refrigerator.

Fabiola has amazing video content with the many recipes she creates on her platform and she definitely inspires you to want to consume more fruits and vegetables as a daily source for a healthier you.

This channel is also a recent find and a well-deserved platform to share with the amount of amazing content given to viewers. Sadia who shares her knowledge and passion for food, wellness, minimalism, and travel gives a calm and relaxing space that help to nourish the cells and the soul of the mind, body, and heart.

Pick Up Limes is a great platform to watch for those who may need a simple education to understand the benefits of fruits, veggies, recipes, daily life tips and advice, and occasionally bonus printable guides to help you stay on track improving a healthy mindset to achieving the success you want in certain areas of your life.


If you haven’t yet realized, I have previously mentioned this platform on a recent post called 2019 Artist of Life Workbook By Lavendaire.

Watching Aileen sweet and kind when she shares her best quality to living life but she also uses her channel Lavendaire to share knowledge and inspiration about creating your dream life through personal growth and lifestyle design. Lavendaire is for those who see themselves as an artist of life, making your life a masterpiece.

Bobo Matjila has been my creative goddess to follow on YouTube for months now. Not only is she beautiful with amazing content but she’s very self-sufficient in photography.

She teaches angles, backdrops, camera shots, how to photograph yourself, creating your own photography or setting up your own video studio, editing photos, building a successful brand, and so forth. Not only does Matjila share her knowledge on photography but she also shares personal conversations with guests on spirituality, love, creating your best self and so much more.

This is a great channel to watch for those who want to play into their interests or talents through artistic work and design.

The find guru is a platform that shares a little bit of everything including fitness routines, beauty/ fashion tips, food recipes, sharing personal advisable life or business tips, and goals.

Though this channel is not posted on a daily like the other channels mentioned here, it’s still a good platform to watch for inspiration. The authenticity of her channel shows more quality of work in the information she knows and understands to share with her viewers.

I have been watching this channel for years so I’m very familiar with the evolution of this YouTuber right here. What once was a channel that started out as a social media experiment has now become a popular lifestyle channel.

Shameless Maya is the channel’s name and she is multi-talented sharing videos on lifestyle, inspiration, fun transformations, tech talks for aspiring geeks, beauty, fashion, and much more.

Maya has a fun personality to watch and yet she still gives informative and knowledgeable advice and tips on some of the topics she shares to her viewers. Her own journey from shame to shameless (hence the title of her channel) to inspire those to not be ashamed of who they are, celebrating that shamelessly.

The School of Life is a global organization dedicated to fostering emotional well-being which they apply psychology, philosophy, and culture to everyday life. They address the questions we’re never taught about at regular schools or colleges. Some of these questions include how to meet interesting people? Why are we mean to those we love? What to do if you hate small talk? How to stop worrying about whether or not they like you?

They stand for wisdom, emotional intelligence, and self-understanding. They love using topics on the humanities, philosophy, psychotherapy, literature, and art in search of ideas that are thought-provoking, useful, and consoling.



I’ve watched Marie Forleo for years on YouTube. Her channel is very entertaining, educational, and motivating when wanting to start a business and achieve a better life for yourself.

Forleo has amazing content which makes you realize your greatest potential for using your unique talents to change the world. Her platform to help answer viewers’ questions are phenomenal. She provides helpful tips for living life to the fullest while turning your dreams into a profitable reality.

Let me know who is your favorite YouTubers. Also, if you know any other YouTube channels that I didn’t mention and may be similar to self-improvement or creativity and you feel that I should check out, please feel free to share by commenting below.


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