The first day of my alkaline diet started on April 13th. I have already downloaded a free alkaline food chart where this has helped me to plan the foods I have already purchased to eat for the weekend and upcoming week.

My first day was fairly simple. After I came home from the gym, I drank a super green smoothie as my late morning post-workout meal. Later, I chose to eat various fruits throughout the day, sunflower seeds, and a hearty broth potato soup. In between, I drank a gallon of spring water which I believe by the end of the day was half a gallon.

I think because I consumed the soup twice during the day, it didn’t allow me to finish the gallon of water the way I wanted to on day one. My soup had potatoes, parsley, spinach, carrots, scallions, and sweet onions. Yes, it was absolutely delicious!

I also decided to take a specific balance supplement with my alkaline diet experience. With the instructions of the supplement I have to take four capsules with a meal and it’s recommended to take in the morning. The benefits of taking a balanced supplement are to support hormonal balance, weight management, complexion, and fertility. It will also help enjoy restorative sleep, improved energy levels and more.

I will later share which brand I’m using but for now, since this is my first time using it, I want to be sure about this brand before I can make any valuable recommendations.

Here is my day one results: I find myself feeling like I needed something full and heavy to eat while I consumed fruits throughout the day. I started having a really heavy craving for cookies or meat which was extremely strange due to the fact that I don’t eat meat but I do eat fish.

The craving was very intense all day and it was actually torture for me to not give in. So now when I get a sweet craving like this, I will replace that unhealthy craving with dried fruits such as goji berries or herbal tea which usually hits the spot.

Every half an hour to 45 minutes I would go to the bathroom urinating which is pretty normal for me when I drink a lot of water. I was able to use the bathroom smoothly without feeling constipated or forcing myself to release what needed to come out.

It’s still new and fresh to my body with this lifestyle diet so I didn’t feel any significant changes. I will continue to update you on day two!

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