I would like to think that I’m someone who eats pretty healthy. But for the past few weeks, I have been curious about starting an alkaline diet. If you’re not sure or have never heard what an alkaline diet is then let me share a few facts about it.

The alkaline diet is based on the idea of replacing acid-forming foods with alkaline foods that can help improve your health. The alkaline food is based on the “residue” or “ash” of the foods after it has been digested in the stomach. It is said this will help balance the pH of your body which can help reduce numerous chronic diseases and ailments such as diabetes, arthritis, low bone density and many more.

Foods that are considered acidic are meat, poultry, fish, dairy, sugar, and alcohol. Alkaline foods consist of vegetables (including root vegetables such as potatoes, beets, ginger, etc), fruits, seeds/nuts (specific nuts are alkaline and others are acidic), and legumes.

Now that you have some idea of what the alkaline diet is and consist of, it’s important to do your research before deciding to do a full commitment by entering this lifestyle diet. Just like anything that requires a better understanding, you must do your own research.

I’m going to be extremely honest with you so please bear with me. I’m trying this diet due to the fact that I believe I may have a little bit of a constipation problem. I have been experiencing this for the past few months now and my body hasn’t felt the same since I went to the hospital last year in December.

I’ve tried things here and there to help me go to the bathroom smoothly but it hasn’t been consistent. There are times that it has worked for me and other times haven’t. I struggle most of the time when I’m in the bathroom and now it has become extremely frustrating because at this point I know I’m backed up.

I also believe my body is not connecting with my brain and that’s leaving me feeling tired many times, low or no energy even though I have a consistent workout schedule. I get consistent headaches out of nowhere, a hard time getting focused, having mood issues, crazy unhealthy cravings, and trouble sleeping at night.

I needed a change and doing the alkaline diet is what came to mind. I recently took an online acidic-alkaline assessment test and I was shocked by my results. I fell into the “acidic” category. Then I realized I may not be living such a healthy lifestyle like I thought after all. Now mind you, there is an “extremely acidic” category and thank goodness I’m not that bad but still bad enough.

Overall, this new diet that I will try for 14 days is extremely exciting to me. I can’t wait to learn about myself and what my body will go through to get the results that are much needed for me. I will give details each day of what I’m experiencing as I go through the process. Once I’m complete with my alkaline diet, I will share my ending results as well as share if this diet is completely worth it or if it’s just completely bogus.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s day one update and comment below by letting me know if you have experience the alkaline diet yourself and what has been your results.

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