There hasn’t been a significant change on my second day. When it comes to my energy level I still feel the same. I’m very tired, not very productive in the morning because my body can’t seem to wake up to conquer whatever activity I may want to do. I take a lot of naps in the morning and I have to force myself to get up without wasting the day away.

I did go to the gym first thing early in the morning and maybe that will explain why I’m so exhausted and can’t be up until early noon.

I’m still having cravings but it’s not as intense as day one. I tried my herbal tea with stevia as a replacement for sugar or sweetener and I absolutely thought it was disgusting. I will try to only use one pack to see if the taste will make a difference vs. using four packs to make the taste welcoming.

I meal prepped for the week which I created two different main dishes. The first dish is a cauliflower salad mixed with arugula, green/red peppers, sweet and red onions. The second dish is Quinoa mixed with bell peppers and sweet onions. I made sure to keep it simple and still hearty for me to feel that it can hold me down for a few hours.

Still taking my balance supplements and I will admit its a little difficult to swallow back to back since its a big pill and you have to take four of these capsules a day with a meal.

The night before, I still continued to tossed and turn without sleeping straight through peacefully. Overall, not much difference but will update on day three.

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A lifestyle blogger, fitness fanatic, fabulous chef, and aspiring entrepreneur. Her plan is to take over the world, but for now, achieving her goals and dreams are first of many to accomplish on her bucket list.

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