I decided to combine four days into one post on my alkaline diet because certain days had the same results while other days may have a subtle change. However, it wasn’t too serious where the updates needed to have its own full posts. So, below is a breakdown list of what has happened thus far.



Again, I apologize for sharing too much information but it’s information that shares real facts. I’ve noticed that I was able to go to the bathroom very smoothly. There was no constipation involved at all. Fortunately, I went twice which is very rare for me to go that much in one day.

My breast seems to be extremely tender to the touch which tells me that my period must be coming very soon. It’s very rare for my breast to feel like this so I’m not sure if it’s the supplements making them feel like this or if it’s really because my menstrual cycle is coming soon.

By the time I got home from work, I suddenly had this huge feeling of exhaustion that just hit me hard and I easily turned in early to go to bed. That too was also rare for me.

Most of the time I drink a lot of water and I try to drink a gallon a day. When I go to the bathroom, 99.9% of my urine comes out extremely clear. This time around I noticed my urine has been coming out in orange color and I’m assuming its due to the supplements I’m currently taking.

I researched to see if this is a side effect but it’s actually quite normal because these supplements that I’m taking has a high dosage of vitamin C. The body is basically getting rid of the excess that’s not needed and that’s the reasoning for the orange color urine.

FYI, the orange urine doesn’t happen all day. It only happens once or twice within the day and then my urine is back to clear and normal.


I find myself struggling the entire day with needing to eat satisfying foods. I’m so used to eating foods like fish, shrimp, rice, pasta, eggs, and so forth that now anything I eat with this diet is just not fulfilling to me. Fruits, vegetables, seeds/nuts, and legumes just aren’t enough for me, especially since I work out extremely hard. You can say pretty much I still feel hungry and not really embracing this diet too well.

I have noticed my skin looking a little more vibrant, fresh, and clear. I will readjust the foods I eat in order for this diet to work for me for the rest of the remaining days I have left. I may have to incorporate some of the “acidic” foods to make this 100% beneficial but not too crazy to the point where I miss out on the actual reasoning behind this diet in the first place.


Okay, so I cracked under pressure and ended up eating rice, shrimp and mixed vegetables to kill my hunger cravings. Do I regret it, absolutely not and it was absolutely delicious. But like I said before, I will be doing a tiny readjustment to this diet because I’m a foodie person and it only feels right to make this alkaline diet work for me for the rest of the time being.

I have been able to wake up in the morning with incredible energy which is great news for me!

My skin has been glowing and keeps getting clearer by the minute and I’m wondering if this is temporary or will it last for a while. Drinking plenty of water and making sure that I maintain a gallon a day, especially with the current changes my body is going through. The changes are definitely there but the changes are also very subtle. If I wasn’t blogging my day to day results, I believe I wouldn’t have noticed the small detail changes except for the obvious of me being hungry all the time.


I ate fruits all day and I had a salad for dinner. I didn’t drink enough water for this day but I will do better for the next few days. My waist seems like it got a little small due to the fact that my pants are more loose fitting than ever. My waist now measures at 30.5″ from 32″ and that’s a lot from just a few days doing this diet.

I do sleep a little better in the middle of the night which is not too great but still doable than before. What I do find interesting is that I have been able to wake up on my own without an alarm clock to go to the gym. I think this is actually a great way to start my day in being able to wake up, energized and ready on my own with no assistance.

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