This is long overdue but I had to give an update on the end results of my alkaline diet challenge. I will say being on this alkaline diet was extremely challenging for me in every sense of the word. I felt the hunger pains, I experienced the struggles, the occasional mood swings, and honestly, I would do it again.

I didn’t think this diet would do anything for me before I started. I thought doing this alkaline diet in 14 days would only give me a few results. But I was absolutely wrong.

By the time 14 days came, I lost 23 pounds. I went from 157lbs to 134lbs. Unfortunately, that’s too much weight loss for me but I do appreciate the fat lost. I will rebuild my curves back into my body so it’s really not much of a big deal. I have to slowly re-introduce my body to eating certain foods again such as protein, carbs, fish, etc.

Let me just say my skin has never looked so flawless as much as it did while doing this challenging diet. Between the combination of drinking a gal water a day, my supplement pills, eliminating all acidic foods from my diet has helped the overall glow to my skin. I absolutely loved it!!!

The supplements I used is called Alani Nu Balance. It has a high dosage of vitamin C and setria l-glutathione. This supplement helps with hormonal balance, weight management, improved mood, and supports complexion and brighter skin. Earlier, I mentioned setria l-glutathione and this ingredient is important to have due to the fact that it helps prevent free radical damage by supporting glutathione-dependent enzymes that aid in the elimination of toxins. It’s recognized as a great protector.

My body hasn’t experienced any weird or unnecessary pains like before. I didn’t realize how much my knees stop hurting after I finished with the alkaline diet challenge. It’s as if the pain never existed and I’m able to move around with so much energy and lightness. My sleeping pattern has also been great and I have noticed that I’m able to wake up at the same time without an alarm or feeling exhausted while trying to start my day.

Going to the bathroom has also gotten easier. There’s barely any constipation and there are times when I can go twice a day which is extremely rare for me.

Overall, I would recommend this diet to anyone who wants to experience their bodies to shift differently for a healthy escape or just a simple necessary break. I will do this diet again in the next two months just because I want my health to keep getting better with time. I will be very detailed and keep a food journal on the foods I will consume each day vs just collecting ingredients. Try this diet for yourself and let me know how it works out for you.

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