Recently, the beehive went crazy when Beyonce announced and released her new leisurewear collection, a collaboration with Adidas x Ivy Park. Within hours of the collection release, it was successfully sold out. However, the sizes of the collection ranged from XS to XL, leaving out the plus-size audience who felt excluded from the line.

Fans started to express their disappointments on how Beyonce did not cater to the plus-size market, which also left the fans feeling confused since Beyonce’s message and brand for the longest time have always been about all women in all shapes and sizes.

Fans also started comparing Beyonce to Rihanna’s lingerie collection, which Rihanna has been praised for size inclusivity as it was first released. One tweeted, “Gonna say that I’m not all that surprised that Beyonce’s new clothing line doesn’t feature any plus size clothing. She should have taken a leaf out of Rihanna’s book about inclusivity. Another tweeted, “If @SavageXFenty can go up to 4XL, why can’t B?”

Since the launch of Beyonce’s collaboration collection, whether you’re happy with Beyonce or not, you can’t deny the fact that the collection is still a success. However, there are are some lessons to be learned from this in a general business aspect, especially when it comes to creating a clothing line.


When creating a business whether it’s a product line or content if it’s in your power to do so try your best to practice inclusivity. You want to do this to appeal to a more diverse demographic, especially if you know you can serve people from different walks of life.

Inclusion also allows equal opportunities for people who want to be part of your movement. This can help build more brand promotions, brand recognition, a strong core value in promoting a target diverse group with a better culture awareness in social economics.

Pay Attention even to the small details

Yes, the collection was truly a major hit. However, when the collection dropped, a lot of fans were complaining that the Adidas website was not working properly for those who wanted to buy Ivy Park products. Fans were having trouble checking out online which left many confused, disappointed, and discouraged from missed opportunities on buying Ivy Park products.

Adidas is a well-known company and brand that should have an extremely functional and organized website with today’s technology. It does seem confusing that they would collaborate with a major artist such as Beyonce and not be prepared for any technical issues. Paying attention to even the smallest details definitely counts, especially when promoting your brand. You want to show your customers that your company can be trustworthy as well as a reliable business.

share when complete

One of the smartest things that Beyonce does best with every project she puts out is sharing once completed. Whenever you have a business in mind, whether you’re creating a product line, a service, etc. always release it once it’s 100% done. It makes you look serious about the business you are building and wanting to put out for the world to see.

Building your business in silence can help you stay focus in all areas that you will have to figure out before releasing to your community, social media platforms, and target audience. You want people to take you seriously only when your projects are fully complete.

the power of marketing & involving others

Be consistent in your marketing, especially if you’re a small brand that’s starting your own fashion collection. Use your social media platforms to be creative in grabbing the attention of your target audience. Your business presence on social media can help bring awareness, knowledge, and a community that can teach your target audience who you are, what you’re about, your brand’s core values, as well as receiving feedback and communication.

Also, never be afraid to involve other people on your product release. This will help gain publicity that you will need to create a buzz surrounding your product line. Beyonce did a wonderful job using celebrities and other influencers to help promote her Adidas x Ivy Park collection on their own social media platforms.

She sent a huge personal orange box with the full collection to Kelly Rowland, Janelle Monae, Missy Elliot, Yara Shahidi, Reese Witherspoon, Ellen DeGeneres, Zendaya, Hailey Bieber, and many more. Do you really think it was a coincidence of Beyonce sending a huge personal orange box to her celebrity friends? Absolutely not! It was definitely all for strategic marketing purposes. We know Beyonce releasing a new collection can sell itself but using her celebrity friends just added icing to the cake to help create a frenzy for all her fans to want her collection even more.

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