Dear Future Self,

I’m so proud of you on how far you have come. It wasn’t easy but you did it and manage to rise from the ashes like a phoenix.

In the past, you have struggled with disappointments, loss, pain, released toxic relationships, reinvented yourself, acknowledged, recognized, and released your past trauma; searched for healing and therapy, went for your goals and dreams, and found your true happiness in the end.

You dedicated your time and effort to focus on what you believed were most important to you and took the necessary steps to take action. You made a promise to yourself to make yourself a priority and from that point on, you have moved forward in recognizing your self-worth and discovered the real true power of self-love.

Right now, I’m asking you to dig deeper and really leave your mark on this Earth. Leave your contribution of your beautiful powers to those you can reach out to by making a difference in their lives. I want you to encourage those around you by being a prime example and inspire others in living a healthy lifestyle. That includes creating a peaceful space for oneself, taking the initiative in working on the balance of mental, emotional, and physical health. Building a strong and sacred spiritual relationship with God first and then attracting the right people to enter into your life as well. Build a reliable community that will help encourage others to gain knowledge and have valuable lessons that will become their daily experiences.

From time to time, you will experience stressful moments but don’t let that discourage you from achieving your goals. Remember, you have already won and you will keep being a winner. Just keep your eyes on the prize and strategize with small actionable steps to reach your deadline and habit goals.

Next, don’t be afraid in taking risks. This includes buying a new car, learning and diving into financial investments, traveling to different parts of the world, and continuing to growing your successful businesses. Risk is about investing in yourself because you have faith that things will work out even when you may have a few doubts in your mind. Don’t allow yourself to over think things too much. It won’t do any good for you. Be confident in your final decision and allow yourself to embrace being in the moment for whatever you choose to do.

Keep evaluating yourself because you want to understand what has work for you and what has worked against you. That’s why maintaining gratitude in your daily life is a must in order to attract the life you want to create. Walk through your life in bravery because not only have you become a survivor but you have also become a healer for others.

Knowledge is power and that’s why it will always be your secret weapon! Keep yourself educated with information that is needed and required for you to grow on the daily. That includes reading more books in all and any subjects that is of interest to you. Research the Internet. Take courses online or in person. Ask professionals or smart people who are just as knowledgeable in the answers that you seek.

When seeking better opportunities for yourself, don’t be afraid to try, knocking on doors, and finding the right people to connect with in order to get ahead. In this world, you can’t do things alone. You need others to help you and it’s necessary to get from point A to Z. It can be intimidating to seek out these opportunities because you may get more no’s and doors slam in your face vs hearing more yeses to your liking. However, if you stay ready and keep being consistent on a daily, then I promise you will never have to prepare yourself for the great results that will absolutely belong to you which you are so well deserving of.

You are the master of your destiny and no one can stop you from getting what rightfully belongs to you.

You deserve the world! And I hope when you look back to this letter, you have achieved everything and beyond what you have imagined for yourself and for your life. I wish you the best of luck and I believe in your success.

Love you always,

FanCee, 2021