It doesn’t take much for us as human beings to show kindness to one another. It is the little things that count the most. Today, being in a pandemic, socially distancing ourselves from friends and family, not being able to do the “normal” everyday activities as we did before has gotten many of us feeling drained. 

What I’ve learned during these trying times is the importance of having value for everyday life. People have lost family, friends, and colleagues in the world from health issues, tragic accidents, and more. We don’t realize how special someone can be in our lives until we lose them forever. 

Before it’s too late, we can take the opportunity to take advantage of recognizing others’ self-worth by simply showing love and gratitude through our daily behaviors. Here are seven effective ways to show acts of kindness appreciating the people in our circle to show how much we care.

  1. Please & Thank You 

Please and thank you are the magic words! You would be surprised at how these two magical words make a big difference when interacting with people. Not only are they positive to hear and say, but it makes people feel appreciated, allows them to be visible, stimulates encouragement, motivation, and not coming off demanding. 

You will help people draw closer to you and possibly build trust amongst each other. Having respect for others is encouragement in itself that goes a long way. Please and thank you is a simple act showing that you care.

2. Give Them Your Attention 

We all can get wrapped up in our busy lives and not think about others while being in the moment. However, it doesn’t hurt to be selfless and give others your undivided attention when they need it most. 

Not everyone in the world has family or friends to rely on, especially when people need someone to listen to them.

If someone decides to share their stories with you, the best thing you can do for the individual is give them your undivided attention. Let someone know you can take a moment to listen to what they have to say. It’s not always easy to be vulnerable and express yourself openly. 

3. Have Control and Patience

Being able to have control and show patience towards others says a lot without having to say much. Your demeanor also matters when showing kindness to others. 

The thing you have to remember is that people are not perfect. It’s impossible to be perfect all the time. People are allowed to make mistakes and recover back strong. 

However, know your limit and set the boundaries when need be. When people recognize their mistakes and want to change or do better, give them grace by being level-headed and rational. Showing patience and control says a lot about who you are and how well you process miscommunication.

4. Offer Your Assistance

Some people have a lot on their plate, whether through work or personal life. For some individuals, trying to balance it all can lead to exhaustion or feeling overwhelmed. Try reaching out and extending a helping hand, especially if you know someone who could use personal me time. This kind gesture will make them feel that they have a supported community available to them when necessary. 

5. Smile on a Daily

There’s magic in your smile because your smile can help others feel relaxed and feeling good. It’s contagious and helps lighten the mood. Smiling shows others you’re someone positive to be around. You want to attract like-minded positive people. Also, smiling makes you look more attractive, so keep doing it because you want to be attractive to others. 

6. Asking About Their Day

Asking someone about their day is developing good communication, and it is also a simple act of kindness as a human being. That also goes hand in hand with paying attention to someone’s energy. ‘How was your day?’ is a question that makes a person feel recognized and cared for in what they have going on. Doing this will always make you a selfless person with a kind heart looking out for another.

7. Give Compliments

Giving compliments to others from time to time is a very appreciative act to give. Who doesn’t love a good compliment? Whether it is for their talents, skills, strengths, or admiration, it can help build someone’s confidence. Remember, the more you can give others compliments, you too will receive as many compliments from others. It’s the law of attraction of giving and receiving in return.