It doesn’t take much for us as human beings to show kindness to one another. It really is the little things that counts the most. Living in the current times of being in a pandemic, having to socially distance ourselves, not being able to do the “normal” everyday activities like we did before has gotten all of us being mentally and physically drained.

What I’ve learned during these trying times is the importance of having value for everyday life. People have lost family, friends, and colleagues all around the world from health issues, tragic accidents, and more. We don’t realize how special someone can be in our lives until we literally lose them forever. Before it’s too late, we can take the opportunity to take advantage of recognizing others self-worth by simply showing love and gratitude in our daily behaviors. Here are 7 effective ways to show appreciation towards people within our circle or in our surroundings.

  1. Saying ‘Please & Thank You’

Please and thank you are the magic words! You would be surprise on how much these two magical words make a big difference when interacting with people. Not only are they positive to hear and say but it makes people feel appreciated, allow them to be seen, stimulates encouragement, motivation, and not coming off demanding.

By doing this, you will help people draw closer to you and possibly build trust amongst each other. Sometimes, that encouragement will allow others to go an extra mile for you because you show them that much respect.

2. Give Them Your Attention

We all can get wrapped up in our busy life and not think about others while being in the moment. However, it doesn’t hurt to be selfless and give others your undivided attention when they need it most.

There are people in the world that literally don’t have family or friends to rely on especially when it comes to releasing what’s going on inside them.

If someone decides to share their experiences with you, the best thing you can do for the individual is to give them your undivided attention. Let he/she know you can take a moment for them to listen to what he/she have to say. It’s not always easy to be vulnerable and express yourself freely. Make it easy on them by giving eye contact, pay attention to what their sharing, and be present.

3. Patience

Even if you’re in a hurry be able to control yourself and show patience. This allows you to show empathy and kindness towards people.

People should be able to make few mistakes and recover back in full once they have recognized what they did wrong or could do better. It’s up to you to show others that you’re a rational individual and can clearly understand how to be level-headed when it’s necessary. There’s a time and a place for your emotions and to be in control by showing patience says it all about who you are.

4. Offer Your Assistance

Some people have a lot on their plate whether through work or personal life. For some individuals, to try to balance it all can lead to exhaustion or feeling overwhelmed. Try reaching out and extending a helping hand. This kind gesture makes him/her feel as if they’re not alone in the world and knowing that they have the support when it’s available to them.

5. Smile

There’s magic in your smile and your smile can help others feel relaxed and feeling good. It’s contagious and helps lighten the mood around you. This can show others that you’re someone positive to be around and you want to attract like-minded positive people. Also, smiling makes you look more attractive so keep doing it.

6. Ask ‘How’s Your Day’

This goes hand in hand with paying attention when someone speaks to you. Simply asking someone how their day went or how their day is going is literally a crucial interaction as a human being. This simple question really makes a huge impact in how the individual move within their lives. By doing this, you show people that you care about them and genuinely are interested in their experiences.

7. Give Compliments

Every now and then complimenting others whether that’s for their talents, skills, strength or a simple admiration is a very appreciative act to give.

Not only do you recognize and acknowledge an individual’s self-worth but you also show others that you encourage happiness within your own surrounding. Compliments allow other people to feel good especially if it’s sincere. You will also increase your own happiness by doing so and that’s a great feeling to have.